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Follow the rising Wall Street star Chesney Braun and her rebellious ace trader Pat Luckett as they join forces with the hedge fund billionaire Magnus Binks, courting mayhem, murder, and financial disaster.

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The print on demand paperback edition is also available in the UK on Amazon. 


Praise for Dancing with Madmen

“Dancing with Madmen” is a terrific and enlightening exploration of the financial world –and of women’s place in it. Chesney Braun, its dynamic and ambitious heroine, competes in that world and wins; she engages love relationships in a similar, more than equal posture. The novel’s insight is what I needed to understand what women in the financial world are confronting, and how and why they make their decisions, both in their work and in their loving.” – Abigail Heyman, Author of “Growing up Female; a personal photojournal”

“Lawrence Malkin and Susan Traill understand today’s Russia – what has changed there, and, more important, what hasn’t.  A Russian threat to the West remains, but it is different from Soviet days. The Russian gold scam that the authors pose, or something like it, could indeed touch off a global financial crisis.” – Fred Coleman, former Newsweek bureau chief, Moscow

“This tells the story of the high-stakes chicanery that led to the Wall Street collapse better than anything else I’ve read.”
– David Mikics, Author and Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Houston

“A tense, fast paced thriller which perfectly captures the dog-eats-dog world of investment banking, commodity trading and the international art world.”
– Richard Bridger, launch consultant to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)