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We realize that e-books are not for everyone and that many people prefer to read books in ink on paper, turning physical pages and inserting personal bookmarks when they take a break from reading.  We like to do that too as well as reading on screen. We also like to see our books lined up on bookshelves and cannot imagine our living rooms and studies without them – not to mention hallways, kitchens and bedrooms, anywhere in the home where we have a spare corner! Their colours form an essential part of the decor.

So with our new publishing company, Cowrie Shell Press, we have launched Dancing with Madmen as a print on demand paperback. It is available to order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers in the United States and United Kingdom. It has the same cover as the e-book so you can recognize it instantly.

New e-book formats

Dancing with Madmen is now available on i-Tunes and Kobo as well from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

There are many new e-book readers and e-book apps for computers, tablets and smart phones so that city commuters and world travellers can more easily find the place where they stopped reading if the train jolts, when they need to change transport or if they want to stop for coffee or eat lunch. For insomniacs who don’t want to disturb those slumbering beside them, or for book addicts who want to avoid eye strain, the back lighting on screen has been improved. Many e-readers are available free as a computer app. We are told that reading on a smart phone is the lightest and most compact way to enjoy e-books but it is easier to adjust the text size on something larger!

We would like to thank our agent John Silbersack at Trident Media Group and his hardworking team for organising our e-book conversion and distribution. Special thanks are due to John’s assistant, the tireless Rachel Mosner, who steered us through many rapids and away from whirlpools. Trident has already put eight hundred print books online and is now starting to distribute their authors’ original work through the world’s premier e-book e-tailers, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We are sure that for these authors, as for ourselves, it will be a rewarding experience.