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The Story

How much does the deal of a lifetime really cost – your life or someone else’s? And is it only about money? Rivals Pat Luckett and Chesney Braun don’t really want to know until it is too late because they have the chance to beat the Wall Street taboos of age and sex by making millions out of anonymous tips from cyberspace just after the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers.

Magnus Binks, the billionaire hedge fund wizard, sets up the two traders in their own fund so he can steal their secret. But neither Pat nor Chesney have taken the time to find out what it is. Determined to outsmart each other and the rest of the world, all three are suckered into a disastrous Russian scam. And they thought they were heroes, these men and women who drove the world economy into the ditch.
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The Authors

Lawrence Malkin
was a prize-winning correspondent and financial writer for Time magazine and The International Herald Tribune in New York, Washington, and Europe. He is the author “The National Debt” and “Krueger’s Men”, the definitive story of history’s greatest money scam, which inspired the Oscar-winning film, “The Counterfeiters”.

Susan Traill
is a writer and artist.
She reported and wrote for the Financial Times, the Economist Intelligence Unit, and the BBC from Brussels, London, and elsewhere around the world.
In New York City she studied art and partied with money traders and other ferociously ambitious Wall Street creatures.

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